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Who Killed Tair Rada? Inside Israel’s True Crime Obsession

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As she puts it, she grew up in a “difficult home.” Her parents met as art students in Odessa, Ukraine. When Kravchenko was 3 years old and her older sister was 5 years old, she murdered both her grandfather and father in just a few months. Kravchenko said their grandfather was a high-ranking Soviet military officer who was hot-tempered, belligerent, and possibly psychotic. He was killed when his assailants strangled him and set his house on fire. Ora’s mother, Tania, was suspected of arson and spent almost a year in Soviet custody. He was a penniless artist in St. Petersburg who was “extremely talented” and “hypersensitive.”No one knows how he died, but his friends later died in the woods. Ola’s family moved in with Tania’s mother, and four years later they emigrated to Israel and settled in Kazrin. did.

Kravchenko worked to get rid of his accent and avoided the children of other Russian or Ukrainian immigrants, who make up about a third of Katzrin’s population. She often slipped out of her classes and disappeared into nature. The school made numerous calls to her mother to come look for her. She clearly remembers the first time she heard her voice. She was 17 and moved home with her mother. “She started saying unpleasant things about me. She didn’t want to take me home, she was tired of taking care of me, I was always nagging and nagging.” When Kravchenko looked at his mother, “her mouth did not move.” Disguised as those of people whom Kravchenko knew well, the voices soon became numerous and frequent. “They were always critical of me and were always mean,” she said. “I couldn’t tell it apart from a real voice.”

Around the same time, Kravchenko’s mother encouraged her to try meditation, and she began attending classes led by the charismatic Chilean-born guru David Har-Zion. Kravchenko fell under his spell. A few months later she moved in with a group of his followers. She slept on yoga mats in a large hall with dozens of people. Members were forbidden from forming relationships with the outside world and were required to surrender their personal possessions to the group. For three years, she said, she lived in “virtual slavery.” Har-Zion later fled the country, leaving Kravchenko alone when he found himself untethered. “I had no life skills at all,” she said.

When she was 20, she met Habany on the streets of Tel Aviv. She was collecting donations for Herzion’s group at the local market. He helped his father run a clothing stall there. They started taking walks on the beach together, smoking marijuana and talking about their past. He was her nineteen, bookish and dogmatic, and impressed her with her knowledge of Hebrew literature. He confides in her that when he was 17, he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital outside Tel Aviv. (The court later noted that this was due to her conduct disorder.) Rather than startle her, she told me this “only drew me in.” . Within six months, she moved in with him. “I was completely his,” she said.

There were warning signs, but Kravchenko chose to ignore them. was One evening, returning home from her work, she began talking to a group of young people who frequented the square. They offered her vodka. The next thing she remembers is waking up naked in her apartment. what did you do “Kravchenko doesn’t know who raped her and she doesn’t remember much about that night, and she urinated on her.” “I peeed on her,” he said. Investigators dug into this. Habany told him, “This is my personal work, not yours.”

After that night, Kravchenko said Havani was obsessed with where he was. He wouldn’t allow her to socialize or go out without him outside of her job.”I didn’t realize I was being abused,” she says. said to “I still wanted to marry him, I wanted children with him.” In 2006, they ran out of money to pay the rent and had to move in with Kravchenko’s mother in Kazrin.Tania worried about how Havani treated Kravchenko and tried to warn his daughter. A sketchbook from the time depicts a female warrior with a sword in her pubic area. “She even bought a dog collar,” she said.

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