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We make impression advertising easy and affordable for any size business, brand or event!

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Listed below is the minimum recommended Price Bid per ad impression. Banner & Button Ads Per Impression

Large Banner (Top or Bottom) on all Category & Article Pages$0.03$0.035$0.05$0.05
Single Category Banner (Top or Bottom)$0.035$0.04$0.07$0.10
Single Subcategory Banner (Top or Bottom) $0.05 $0.07 $0.10 $0.13
Article Ad (All Articles within specified category)$0.035$0.04$0.07$0.10
Single Subcategory Article Ad (All Articles within specified sub-category) $0.06 $0.08 $0.12 $0.16
Targeted ZIP Code +$0.20+$0.20+$0.20+$0.20

The rates shown are for the minimum purchase quantity per impression. The actual ad that displays at the top of the page will be the highest priced ad that fits the advertisers geosubject desired. GeoSubject: Geography plus the desired specific subject target of the advertiser.


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The Husky is dedicated to bringing you news and opinions covering a variety of topical subjects. As our name implies; we focus on reporting the absolute best stories to come out of this great nation. 

Email: Info@herbergllc.com

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