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‘Ted Lasso,’ Season 3, Episode 10 Recap: The Rich Are Different

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Do you remember when you were younger? At least if you were like me, you frequently misjudged how much space you had on a line to write your intended content, and as a result, the characters As I approached the edge, the letters became smaller and smaller, and they were packed tightly. page? It’s still theoretically the show’s final season, but with only two episodes left, it feels like that’s where we are right now in “Ted Lasso.”

This week’s episode answered two of the show’s main remaining questions about Nate’s fate at West Ham and the future of Roy and Keely, but it was so sudden that I missed a scene or two along the way. I could almost imagine it. This level of brevity is partly due to the episode’s two wholly unnecessary new storylines, two redemption arcs for tertiary characters, a fair amount of lamentation, and genuinely weird how-to It may have been necessary because I spent a lot of an hour-plus screen time on the concept of a wealthy executive making decisions. Even nearing the edge of the page, we are still adding words, in other words. The rest will almost certainly have to be scribbled very small.

First, a storyline that didn’t move forward meaningfully. After focusing on Ted’s relationship with his son Henry and his ex-wife Michelle two episodes ago, two episodes in a row follow that subplot is uninteresting. Similarly, there’s no news about Rebecca’s future family developments, at least not unless the plastic surgeon says more than I’d hoped. But more on that later. Start with the least important developments and work your way up.

Both of this week’s new subplots felt more like jams that needed to be resolved before we could get into the real story, rather than a continuation of the season.

An international break, as the name suggests, is a weekend when national football leagues skip matches to allow their top players to participate in FIFA-sponsored country-to-country competitions. There were probably some of these in the three seasons of AFC Richmond play we saw, but I don’t remember mentioning them before this episode.

But now it’s a big deal, at least for episodes. Who will be chosen to represent their home country? England’s Jamie, Canada’s Van Damme (formerly Zorrow), Mexico’s Dani, Switzerland’s Bamber Catch and Wales’ Colin. But no Sam in Nigeria? Even after the commentary at the beginning of the episode featured him as a key figure in the team’s current 10-game winning streak?

This subplot seems to have two purposes. The first is setting up the idea that the cheerful and affectionate Dani Rojas becomes a brutal competitor the moment he joins the enemy team. This includes a wide range of humor that this show was never good at. (Remember Red Tasso? It’s basically the same gag, with Dani substituting for Ted.) And here’s another idea that comes out of nowhere: Dani is, say, West I can’t remember how happy I was with Hamm’s efforts to hurt the goalie. Manchester United, or any other Premier League opponent.

The second purpose of the International Blake subplot is to help set up the Edwin Akufo subplot. The reason Sam wasn’t chosen to perform wasn’t because Akufo, the obnoxious billionaire who appeared in Episode 11 of Season 2, bribed the Nigerian government with his $20 million. to choose him. But that’s not all! He also plans to open another Nigerian restaurant 20 meters away from Sam’s. And he’s not going to keep using various silly accents to reject Sam’s customers who call or book in person. I can confidently say that this is not how millionaires – even skinny ones – spend their time.

I would like to end here, but unfortunately there is more to come. Akufo also plans to create a “super league” of the best teams that will only play against each other, which could result in higher ticket prices than regular matches. In theory, the details are irrelevant, other than the fact that this would keep the average fan out, significantly increasing the team’s owner’s income. As ironic as it may sound, if it were this easy for rich team owners to make themselves even richer, I’m sure it would already be.

It’s a complicated setting that allows Rebecca to stand up for the everyday fans at the team owners meeting. This is the setting for Rupert to remember why he loved her and try to kiss her. This is in preparation for her to overcome her longstanding obsession with beating Rupert on the pitch. Did I waste my time with this long explanation? Sorry, I almost felt that way by the end of this subplot.

Depending on who you ask, Nate has either been sacked or quit as manager of Rupert’s West Ham team. Either way, it turns out to be in the past tense.not really look I think it would have been a very interesting scene if they had gone out of their way to shoot Nate quitting or getting fired. Instead, it goes from the beginning (where Nate belatedly discovers Rupert is a villain at a club last week) to the end (where Nate is out of work altogether) without any real drama of conflict. This episode probably won’t be the only time “Ted Lasso” skips from beginning to end without worrying about the pesky “how did this happen?” Department.

Instead, let Nate mumble in his bed, then mumble in his parents’ bed as a child, and then play the violin (did we mention this before?) so his father could hear him. , there is a scene where he puts on the show. That he’s not as grumpy a father as he seems. Not even a nice scene with Jade this week. Because she’s heading to Poland to help screw her family’s light bulbs. A joke that sadly might be the high point of this boring storyline. I want to say more, but I don’t know what else to say.

In the last episode, my prediction that Keeley’s breakup with girlfriend and financier Jack would be forgotten without repercussions turned out to be wrong. In fact, Jack suddenly withdrew all of Keeley’s funding to Keely’s company, KJPR, so that Keely had to leave within 48 hours of him.

For anyone following, this is clearly the third example in this episode In this work, an extremely wealthy man makes business decisions based solely on personal interests. Akufo spent a lot of money (and opened a competing restaurant!) to keep Sam away from the Nigerian team. Rupert fires (or at least accepts his resignation soon) Nate, who is by all accounts an extraordinarily talented and successful manager. And now Jack is pulling the plug on KJPR. This is my imagination of how wealthy people typically make business decisions.

But at least this show struggles to show that there are wealthy people out there. again Making questionable business decisions based on sheer leniency. After an owner meeting, Rebecca decided not to make a profit based on fan ratings and persuaded other owners to do the same. — She decided to save Keely’s company by funding it herself.

A few quick thoughts: First, if Keeley is actually a PR guru, we keep hearing that she’s a PR guru, but we’ve never seen proof of that. No, but she could have gotten the money from someone who wasn’t her friend. Is she pathetic? Or has the fact that she took so much of her vacation, hired totally unqualified friends, and seemingly not working at all finally caught up with her?And second, did Keeley learn? everything About blending business and intimacy from your experience with Jack? If there’s a season 4 of the show, I half expect Rebecca to raise her funds if Keely doesn’t respond to the message next time.

But at least we get to see Barbara redeemed after Keely buys her a snow globe.

Well it was easy. Roy met Phoebe’s teacher. Hey Phoebe, it really always is. She said he seemed “stuck” the last time they spoke. TRUE? For example, this fragmentary scene instead of the powerful and precise lecture Rebecca gave last week?

But clearly, that five-letter word is all it takes to make Roy want to get back together with Keely, and all that Keely needs is the letter afterward to make him want to get back together with Roy. No conversations, no negotiations, no resolving issues that went wrong last time.

Actually I am unfair. There may have been such exchanges. “Ted Lasso” just made the borderline unconscionable decision not to show them. We move from the two awkwardly standing in the doorway to a half-naked Roy comfortably resting in Keeley’s home.

It’s exactly the same jump from start to finish we’ve seen in Nate and Rupert, with no hard middle parts that actually make people talk to each other. What’s more, it’s the same complacency that went from when there were early signs of trouble between Roy and Keely at the end of last season to when the two have already split up this season. If the show didn’t bother to show the actual breakup, why should it need to show the actual reconciliation? As someone who’s been a huge supporter of Keely and Roy, I was surprised at how little emotional weight their reunion carried.

I know I’m pretty down on this episode, and I know many readers will love it more than I do. So was the last time I was quite disappointed. whichever! The world doesn’t move to the beat of a single drum. But let me be clear, especially for new readers, I wasn’t disappointed because I didn’t like the show or that kind of nonsense. Because we love it so much that we can maintain our high standards.

I hope better things happen in the last two episodes, no matter how small the handwriting is.

  • I’ve always attended camps that assume Rebecca and her Dutch friends will be together by the end of the season. (Why are you showing me the girl’s room in the houseboat?) Given the rushed nature of this entire episode, I’m now worried that our next encounter will be sudden — he London She appeared on a houseboat, and the screen read nothing but “happy ending”. I, too, wanted to see them spend time together again. But we always have Amsterdam.

  • Unless, of course, people predicting Rebecca and Ted’s romance are correct, but I really hope they aren’t. But seeing Rebecca playing with green matchboxes and green soldiers makes me understandably worried.

  • Wait, did Rupert already break up with Mr. Cakes before Rebecca revealed the affair? Boo! And did you hear correctly that her successor is Miss Bread? I think this makes Rupert a reverse Marie Antoinette.

  • It’s a strange idea that no matter how wealthy Akufo is, he can throw food at him without facing the wrath, lawsuits, and possible assault charges of various other billionaires.

  • Jamie’s evolution into the greatest man of all time continues. When Sam was not selected for the Nigeria national team, he was the first to sympathize with him and wear his number on the pitch. And an Uncle’s Day gift for his new best friend Roy—thank you, Phoebe! – it is perfect.

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