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What Becomes a Star Most? For Tom Cruise, It’s Control.

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“To do my job” as Tom Cruise’s stunt double Tom Cruise, Ben Stiller video Made for the 2000 MTV Movie Awards. What is Tom Cruise? Why is Tom … a cruise? “

This is a difficult question.

On the screen, Cruise is arguably our biggest movie star, as New York Times reporter Nicole Sparring recently explained. It’s the last true index of a 100-year-old studio system that has been steadily eroded by the rising forces of franchise filmmaking and streaming. His powerful charisma and brave stunts have been recombined in his latest hit, Top Gun: Maverick, for over $ 1 billion.

Off the screen, the cruise is elusive. He is a frequent public mouthpiece of a mysterious, controversial religion and seems difficult to understand. He talks about it..He Very secretive For more information on his private life. Sometimes even if you try to look like a normal friendly person, it sounds like an AI approximation. Moviebill magazine asked me to describe his most memorable movie watching experience, Cruise. Couldn’t give a name.. (“I love movies,” he said very normally.) When asked which team he was rooting for The Giants-Dodgers match he participated in last fallHe replied, “I’m a baseball fan.”

Adjusting these different aspects can be difficult. So it’s worth considering the question: Who is Tom Cruise?

Much of his early success as an actor was based on a particular realistic appeal in the 80’s and 90’s. A young cruise with sexual problems in “Risky Business”. An innocent, loving and naive cruise of “cocktails”. And the tenacious and morally principled “Jerry Magwire” cruises each depended on his ability to convincingly embody American Everyman. At the turn of the century, he complicated the image by appearing in more challenging and inaccessible films such as “Eyes Wide Shut” and “Magnolia.” Writers like Stanley Kubrick and Paul Thomas Anderson helped introduce Cruise as a serious actor who can provide performances with subtle and subtle nuances.

He left romance, drama, and an independent art house. Over the past decade, he has firmly established himself in the action-adventure genre, completing the blockbuster summer big event. His performance tends to emphasize his simple charisma and strong athletic ability, but Cruise still brings the same delicate charm and touch of actor nuances to these roles as his dramatic fares. .. It’s the refreshing, naturalistic chemistry he shares with Jennifer Connelly in “Maverick” and the exhausted global he inherited in his last few “Mission: Impossible” sequels. Seen in strength. My recent favorite cruise performance was from the underrated “Edge of Tomorrow” (2014). He plays a timid and timid politician who has been forced to relive the same deadly battle over and over again. It has found that actors play against types and have fun effects.

But that’s just part of the story. One of the decisive features of the last decade of his career is the level of quality control that he himself is primarily responsible for. That doesn’t mean he can’t make a bad movie. “The Mummy” (2017) was revealed by Universal’s failure to launch the entire “Dark Universe” of budget creature features. However, recent cruise films share some ambition and enthusiasm that is rare in today’s blockbusters, and if all goes well, that effort will be very rewarding. Cruise phones do not appear in Performance. You get the feeling that he treats all the movies he does lately as if they were the most important thing he has ever done.

The result of this commitment has a way to feel almost miraculous. The sequel to the 35-year-old action movie with a pretty cool critic reputation, “Top Gun: Maverick,” isn’t just much better than the original movie, but for many years? But then you read about Cruise’s stubborn claim to keeping everything as real as possible — demanding minimal computer-generated effects, forcing himself through difficult flight training, and they literally. Encourage his co-star to withstand the speed of G-force until thrown. Over the years, some Cruise co-stars have characterized his obsession as extreme enough to sound like a tyranny of a movie. It’s probably easier and cheaper to do much of this in front of a green screen. But it’s not a cruise. When it comes to this, he cares too much.

“Mission: Impossible” was a sophisticated spy movie directed by Brian De Palma, based on the television series of the 1960s.How is it possible that it produced five sequels, and how is it? Conceivable The sequel is getting better and better, culminating in “Mission: Impossible-Fallout” (2018). Is this an almost unconditional masterpiece? (The last two articles, “Dead Reckoning Part One” and “Dead Reckoning Part Two,” will be closed in 2023 and 2024.) Again, credits are primarily allocated to cruises. Climb the tallest building in the world, Hold your breath for 6 and a half minutesAlso Jump off the plane with the cameraman..

But if possible, Cruise’s dedication to cinema is even deeper. It’s a capital M dedication to the movie. Cruz continues to resolutely not make movies for things like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, as A List’s talent flock to the smash-hit ambitions of deep-pocket streamers. Refuse negotiations About the possibility of VOD premiere of the early “Maverick” of the pandemic. (“I’m making a movie for a big screen,” he explained.) His interest in maintaining the traditional film experience shines on a huge scale in the work itself. It’s about the same size as the image. Recall that much of what we see is tuned for the streaming era. It is a large amount of “content” designed to be played not only on a large screen but also on a mobile phone. For those of us who still care about movies and are afraid of their future, Cruise’s efforts are irreplaceable.

It also reminds me why I go to the theater to watch Tom Cruise movies, that is, why I go to see Tom Cruise himself. Movie theaters can be tempted by the names of marquees, but the franchises have become the dominant force in the business, making them less persuasive. Today, the proven bankable intellectual property advantage over traditional Star Systems means they are more likely to look for Spider-Man, Thor, and Captain America than Tom Holland, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans. .. Cape actors are more exchangeable than ever. In cruise movies, the relationship is reversed. Is anyone particularly concerned about Ethan Hunt’s adventures? (This is the name of his character in “Mission: Impossible”. Just in case you forget it.) Hunt is another name for the man we really care about. Cruise, plain, simple.

Cruises have all the qualities that movie stars need, not the qualities that humans expect. As the existence of the screen, he is peculiar. As a person, he is mysterious. But it’s his mystery that made it possible for him to achieve some sort of clear, white-white superstar status, which almost completely exists in the film and isn’t contaminated with mundane concerns. .. The Cruise Star is as bright as his contemporaries and burning much brighter than those who have emerged since then. who is he? You need to watch a movie to find out.

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