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Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Nicole Holofcener on the Absurdity of Everyday Life

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Santa Monica, Calif. — Another Mr. sister. A movie-like alter ego. However you define it, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Nicole Holofcener have a connection that rivals any great modern film partnership. Similar in height and age, New York expats Louis-Dreyfuss, 62, and Holofcener, 63, each have two grown-up sons and share a healthy self-deprecating demeanor and a sense of humility. I have the ability to speak calmly on any topic. Cake (it’s their favorite dessert), Hollywood gossip (yes, Robert De Niro just had a baby), and the humiliation of aging.

Holofcener arrived earlier at the Shutters on the Beach restaurant, pulled glass cleaner from her handbag, and wiped down her brown-rimmed glasses. Five minutes later, Louis-Dreyfus sat down, took out the same green glass and his own bottle of glass cleaner, and wiped it clean. (Am I the only one who doesn’t have glass cleaner in his bag?)

on the set of a new movieyou hurt me“They were almost like two halves of the same person. Louis-Dreyfus wore loose-fitting trousers and a button-down blouse, similar to what Holofcener usually wears. protocols were in place, so people who weren’t on site were masked and were often mistaken for each other.

Producer Anthony Bregman said, “It definitely feels like they’ve been separated since birth.” “Both are mothers before they are filmmakers. They have the same sense of humor, the same honesty, the same mean mouth. , I think that they also have the same distrust or doubt.”

Check out Louis-Dreyfus’ new podcast. “Smarter than me” Since its debut in April, it has been ranked at the top of the chart. In it, Louis-Dreyfus interviews women who are older and therefore wiser than she is.

“You may still be working when I’m old enough to be interviewed,” Holofcener told her.

“I don’t,” replied Louis-Dreyfus.

“And you wouldn’t think she was that smart,” Holofcener said.

“I’m going to do this for another eight years, and the last episode will be about me,” Louis-Dreyfus thought, laughing.

The two met for the first time 10 years ago, and at that time they formed a partner.enough saidis a 2013 romantic comedy about a divorced woman contemplating a new love while struggling to get her daughter to college.they later collaborated Amy Schumer sketch It went viral, but they haven’t been able to make another movie together until now. “You Hurt My Feelings” follows moderately successful and happily married writer Beth (Louis-Dreyfus) as her husband Don (Tobias Menzies) criticizes her new book. A story to hear. It turns out that the fallout is devastating.

This premise is another example of Holofcener’s ability to mine the mundane of life’s absurdity. Below is an edited excerpt from our conversation.

Were there any inspirational events that inspired this film?

Nicole Holofcener As soon as I started showing my films or having people read my scripts, I started to wonder if they were telling me the truth. And trust me you can. What a nightmare this situation would be if someone close to me revealed to others that they don’t like my job or just don’t like it. one of my movie. In other words, they have to love everything for me to feel safe.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus She’s very sensitive

Holofcener I just thought of something. What’s the worst case scenario when someone tells me they love something and I don’t believe it? And one person in particular is incredible. I’m fine actually. Because I know they love me and have me and they are clearly wrong. I mean, it hurts a little. they didn’t approve of it.

Did Nicole write this script with you in mind and that led to that immediately?

Louis Dreyfus yes. I find it interesting to think about the concepts of worth and self-worth. am i my job And who am I without work? That’s certainly what I like to think about. And while this is ostensibly a great relationship between the couple, then the wheels of the bus completely fall off. It was terrifying to think about.

told frank rich [the former New York Times columnist who was an executive producer of her series “Veep”] Prerequisites before shooting. he gasped.

Holofcener oh nice That’s my audience. No one hears this premise and thinks, “Oh, so what?” For example, what planet are you from?

Since I wrote this with Julia in mind, has my approach changed?

Holofcener [To Louis-Dreyfus] It sounds silly, so don’t listen.

[Louis-Dreyfus throws her cappuccino-stained napkin over her head to avoid eye contact.]

Holofcener It’s bliss when you have Julia in your head. Because when she knows she’ll do it, she’s just going to be funny. She just sparks my imagination.

Are there any scenes you wouldn’t have written if Julia wasn’t the lead actress?

Louis Dreyfus OMG.

Holofcener Sure, you can see other actors playing the scene differently, but I’m so glad they aren’t and she is.

Which scene is it specifically?

Holofcener The scene where she is sitting on the couch with her sister smoking weed. This is after she heard her bad news. she is crying It’s tragic. And you really feel sorry for her, but she’s laughing because of that look on her face.

Louis Dreyfus Oh, thank you.

Holofcener Julia walks a very fine line between comedy and drama. And that’s what I want to do with my writing. I didn’t have to do anything to make her understand what I meant. We know this movie is about some pretty minor things in the world.

Louis Dreyfus But it’s also very major.

Holofcener But overall, we’re not going to cry for her. She hopes she gets over her. But I think the reason that scene works is because she looks like she’s about 16 years old. We all still think she’s 16 at some point. Especially when it comes to getting approval or not. I still think of myself that way. So it’s funny to see an adult act honestly like a 16 year old. Not in a cinematic way. Or in a theatrical or silly way.

How hard was it to shoot that scene all over the city right after you heard your husband tearing up his novel?

Louis Dreyfus I was very nervous because I had a paparazzi problem that day.

Holofcener It was our first day.

Louis Dreyfus By the way, it was the worst. We didn’t own that street. It was just brutal to coax people out of and into shots. And as I try to make a legit spitting face, there’s a paparazzi across the street. You know, it doesn’t look good.

Holofcener And they want to take your picture.

Louis Dreyfus I try to stay on site. But that expression when you’re actually excited. Rebelling against the most beautiful woman in the world, Isabella Rossellini, it doesn’t look good.

Holofcener She was so good at it that someone walked by and asked her if she was okay.

Couples who have been happily married for many years are not often depicted on screen.

Louis Dreyfus Usually, if you look at couples who have been married for a long time, you will see them clashing.

Holofcener or have an affair

Louis Dreyfus Or someone has a heart attack. In this case, it becomes more fresh and interesting.

Holofcener I don’t think there are many movies about people our age. And they generally tend to be either too silly or too broad, in my humble opinion.

Louis Dreyfus and not real.

Most of the characters in this film have questions about their careers and whether they can or should pivot to something else. Nicole, it’s clear that topic was on your mind.

Holofcener I feel so. sometimes. How much time do I have left and would I want to do the same? Is it too late? What should I do? I think many of my friends feel the same way. Or I’m very happy to be taking early retirement and doing pottery. I can imagine retiring.

Louis Dreyfus you can?

Holofcener yeah, leave it alone I’m out of ideas.

Feeling really out of ideas?

Holofcener Well, I don’t have any ideas at the moment.

Do you always feel like this right after making a movie?

Holofcener I run out of ideas every day. That’s why I rarely make movies. It’s really true. I don’t know if I will make another movie. I hope not. I thought so before I saw this movie, so I think I’ll continue for a while.

Louis Dreyfus you will.

Holofcener And my character will grow old with me.

Louis Dreyfus I didn’t think of this character as an age thing. Maybe it was my mistake.

Holofcener She worries that her voice is getting old. we are all afraid of it.

Louis Dreyfus To be honest, at this age, I feel like I still have a lot of work to do. There is great freedom. It’s like who cares. Try them all. Risk it all. The advantage of being this age is that if you’re lucky, you can gain a lot of experience. that’s what you do And so am I. And you can apply it. I want to make another movie using this. You have to think of ideas in your head.

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