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Stephen Colbert Taunts Ron Johnson for Faking It

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At a hearing on Tuesday, January 6, Senator Ron Johnson suggests that Michigan and his hometown of Wisconsin tried to hand over a fake voter vote to then-Vice President Mike Pence. Evidence was presented. Johnson admitted that he had received the package, but he claimed he didn’t know where it came from or what it contained.

“It could have been something in that envelope-he doesn’t care. A naked photo of a fake voter, an angry bee, Mary Todd Lincoln. It doesn’t matter to Ron-he Is just a deliveryman, “Stephen Colbert joked on Wednesday.

“But this is a big move by the FDA, because we know that Juul is an iconic vaping brand. That means they can ban cola and chase soda by doing this. It’s like banning Don Jr. and chasing Coke. “ — Trevor Noah

“It’s a big problem because if they also ban fedora hats, your old college roommates will have memory weakness.” — Jimmy Fallon

“It’s a tough day for anyone who likes to take chemicals. Do you know what I’m saying? You can’t even huff gas anymore — it’s too expensive.” — Jimmy Fallon

Guest host Sean Hayes revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he was the original cast member of the hit Netflix show “Welcome to Ozark” and shared the scene on the floor of the cutting room. ..

Evan Rachel Wood will appear on Thursday at The Tonight Show.

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