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James Corden Pays Tribute to the Queen

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Welcome to Best of Late Night. A compilation of highlights from the previous night so you can sleep. You can also get rewarded for watching comedy.It is here The 50 best movies on Netflix right now.

Queen Elizabeth II died Thursday after 70 years on the throne. Late night British import James Corden delivered the joke-free opening segment of The Late Late Show, calling the Queen a “guiding light; always gracious, always dignified, always a shining example of leadership.” is.”

“I, like the rest of the world, am very saddened tonight but grateful and grateful for the most incredible service and leadership the Queen has shown throughout our lives.” — James Corden

Other hosts lightened up with comments about the Queen’s long reign.

“She was queen for 70 years, longer than any monarch in British history. For Americans, it’s like Kris Jenner died here.” — Jimmy Kimmel

“Queen is known as the rock of England. We don’t have rocks. The closest thing to rock in America is The Rock.” — Jimmy Kimmel

“But 96 – it’s a pretty good run. If it dies somewhere on the FM radio dial, it’s — you see? My goal is to get to Hot 97, or Power 106.” — Jimmy Kimmel

“It’s truly amazing when you think about all the people the Queen has met in the last 70 years. She’s seen everyone from Lady Bird Johnson to Lady Gaga, Bill Clinton to will.i.am.” I’ve met everyone, she’s met JFK and J.Lo, she’s met The Beatles and the Spice Girls…and after so many years, this week she’s Harry Styles. Seeing Zu spat at Chris Pine, he said, “OK, that’s enough.” — Jimmy Kimmel

“This guy doesn’t look like he’s got $15. Look at him! Millions of dollars? It looks like he’s subletting out of Oscar the Grouch.” — Trevor Noah

“When the judge asked Bannon how he would plead, he replied ‘dirty’.” — Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon and Blake Shelton premiered their new football season-inspired song “I’ll Bring the Ice” on Thursday’s The Tonight Show.

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