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A Filmmaker Explores David Bowie’s Life and Gets Clarity on His Own

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“David will be very impressed with this film,” he added.

What Morgen didn’t realize was how much making movies would change him, especially after suffering a heart attack at age 47. You emerged with a mindset that shaped your approach and refocused your own life. Conversely, the driven Bowie helped fellow workaholic Morgen, now 53, to stay balanced.

And he needed it when he was editing completely solo during the first peak of Covid (his health fears made him very cautious). “I was sitting alone in this building making a film about an artist with an orphaned inventory of trade and how to communicate it creatively,” he said. I felt that he consistently described the world I live in.”

Early on, he visited Visconti at his New York studio. “We were in the room where he recorded the Blackstar album that David released two days before he died,” Morgen said. “It was pretty intense.” Visconti played him.”signet committee‘ is a prog-inspired folk-rock track from Bowie’s second album, stripped of vocals. Written when Bowie was 22, the song ends with the repeated lyric, “I want to live.”

“David cried the whole performance,” Morgen said.

That kind of emotion – greedy and vulnerable – sets the tone for the film.Moonage Daydream was five years in the making. Morgen and his team spent more than a year simply transferring hours of footage of concerts and performances, images of Bowie’s paintings, and other content from Bowie’s property to the additions Morgen’s archivists acquired. It took about two years to transfer the footage.

But this movie is no perfectionist. There are no interviews with anyone else, such as Iggy Pop, with whom Bowie spent time in Berlin during his most creative years, and Nile Rodgers, who helped him reinvent his career as a pop artist. No mention. in her 80’s. Sexual lust and drug addiction, which usually feature heavily in Bowie’s story, are only mentioned in clips of his montages and jumpy interviews. (“Do I need to elaborate on that? It seems a little blatant to me,” Morgen said of Bowie sweating and grinning like crazy.) Although steeped in his childhood and family, he is married to Iman, a model and entrepreneur.

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