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Walt Disney World announces opening date for newest rollercoaster TRON Lightcycle/Run

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The latest installment of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom debuts this spring.

TRON Lightcycle/Run is scheduled to open on April 4, 2023. Shanghai Disneyland’s original Tron Lightcycle Power Run takes place near Space Mountain in Tomorrowland.

“Get ready to get on the grid. It’s almost your turn. Are you ready? The Tron Lightcycle/Run opens on 04/04/23 at the Magic Kingdom park,” said Disney Parks. The blog tweeted.

Hours before the official announcement, the Disney Parks Blog tweeted a video of the TRON Lightcycle spelling the number 4 twice.

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The big announcement comes after Disney tweeted a cryptic video hinting at the coaster’s expected opening date.

The first video on Monday showed a video game scoreboard with the caption, “Need a clue?” This is a reference to Jeff Bridges’ character in the film, Crewe. The scores on the board appeared to represent important dates for Disney and the Tron series.

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Steel bikes are seen on Disney’s newest roller coaster, Tron: Light Cycle/Run, opening April 4, 2023. (Walt Disney World)

According to the Disney Parks Blog, the TRON Lightcycle/Run story begins after “Tron: Legacy” when Kevin’s son Sam Flynn opened a second gateway to the digital realm known as The Grid.

As guests line up, Disney says they’ll feel as if they’ve been digitized and transported to the grid for a special Lightcycle race. To ride the coaster, each person rides their own bike-like Lightcycle and races at high speed in a semi-enclosed structure.

The WDW website describes the ride as follows:

“Ride your very own Lightcycle and set off on a high-speed adventure to compete against the grid’s most threatening programs. Outrun fierce opponents and ensure your team’s victory as you attempt to pass eight energy gates.” Then you can survive. Let’s race another day.”

This attraction will be one of the fastest roller coasters at any Disney theme park in the world.

According to the blog, the special screening will see Cast Members join the grid first, followed by screenings for annual passholders and Disney Vacation Club members.

Production of Walt Disney World's latest roller coaster

A rendition of Walt Disney World’s newest roller coaster, Tron Lightcycle/Run. (Disney Park Blog)


The ride was unveiled during the presentation of Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts at the D23 Expo in 2017. Originally, former Disney CEO Bob Chapek said he planned to open the attraction to coincide with WDW’s 50th anniversary celebrations, which end in March 2023.

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