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‘Poser’ Review: Fade Into You

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The first feature of Ori Segev and Noah Dixon, “Poser,” is a drifting psychodrama that builds its threats unbearably slow. But the vague, dreamy mood is quickly established in the pale face of aspiring podcaster Lennon (Sylvie Mix), whose seemingly innocent ambition develops into a much darker obsession.

The influence of Lennon’s blanks and the almost complete lack of backstory make her more than a little creepy and unreliable title character. As she infiltrates the underground music scene in Columbus, Ohio and records her bands and random conversations, her physical tranquility and intense atmosphere become increasingly disturbing. When she doesn’t hint at the artist’s social circles, she works as a dishwasher for catering equipment. At her home, she carefully labels and files her own audiotapes. It will take some time for her to notice that she hasn’t created any podcasts.

In a dark club or bohemian performance space, Poser brings to life the atmosphere of Logan Floyd’s photographs and the quirky participation of real-life musicians. (I especially enjoyed the singer who described the music of her band as follows: “Queer Death Pop.”) When Lennon announces her own musical ambitions and makes friends with charismatic performer Bobby Kitten (playing her own version), a slightly loose plot of the movie is a long-awaited shot in her arms. To get. Against Lennon’s chilly passiveness, the dazzling kittens are a joy.

A sophisticated, punk “Poser” means that the vampire’s personality matures. Like that music, the movie feels exploratory and cheeky, but has a lasting melancholy that sticks to Lennon and isolates her. Her destination may be predictable, but her detours are rarely attractive.

Unrated. Execution time: 1 hour 27 minutes. At the theater.

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