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In ‘The Fabelmans,’ Steven Spielberg Himself Is the Star

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Steven Spielberg’s “favermans‘ is the movie every fall film festival has been coveting, but only Toronto got it. And at Saturday night’s premiere, the excitement was driving people crazy.

It wasn’t just the enthusiastic audience. “Knives Out” sequel “Glass Onion”. And Cameron Bailey, who runs the Toronto International Film Festival, wasn’t the first to introduce the filmmaker to the filmmaker.

“I’m so glad I came to Toronto!” The 75-year-old director said it would be the first time his film has been shown at a festival. prize. “Bridge of Spies” And the Cannes Premiere of “Lincoln”ET extraterrestrial life form‘ and ‘BFG’, and the bow of the South by Southwest “Ready Player One” But hey, sometimes you need to clear the table before you set it.

And the stakes were so high that at least his lies felt emotionally true.By landing “Faverman,” Toronto could strengthen itself two years after the pandemic dwindled. was completed.

Written by the director and his frequent collaborator Tony Kushner, “Fabelmans” is a slightly fictionalized version of Spielberg’s own growth. , a movie-obsessed kid who puts on increasingly elaborate short films starring sisters, classmates, and semi-supportive parents. His father, Bart (Paul Dano), is too engrossed in his computer programming job to understand Sammy’s artistic inclinations. He is a pianist and encourages Sammy to follow his bliss.

Their mother-son bond is strong, and Mitzi beams when Sammy films her dancing on a family trip and later shows her the edited footage. “You look at me,” she says. But Sammy sometimes sees too much: As he ages, he finds Mitzi’s strong bond with her husband’s best friend (Seth Rogen) borders on emotional events. And as the family moves from New Jersey to Arizona and finally to California, ties begin to fray.

It turns out that “The Fabelmans” is just a secondary Spielberg origin story.Mostly, it’s Michelle Williams’ vehicle to see what she can do, actress For real Attack this part like someone who knows she’s been given her lead role. Based on Spielberg’s original story late mother, Leah, Mitzi is a dramatic personality, prone to fantasies and violent mood swings, laughing, crying, singing at any moment, or stuffing the kids in a car for an impromptu tornado chase. You love her, but she has a lot — on this one both viewers and Sammy agree — and Williams has something private and vulnerable at the heart of this highly gregarious woman. Find the perfect moment to dial back that magnitude to remind you that there is.

Spielberg told an audience in Toronto, “Ever since Williams saw her work, I had it in mind to play the mother.”blue valentine(2010), which earned Williams his second of four Oscar nominations. If she campaigned as a supporting actress in “The Fabelmans” (I suspect she would, despite ample screen time), this would be a well-respected It could lead the 42-year-old to her first win in just over a year. After Spielberg’s “West Side Story” actress Ariana DeVose won the same race.

Spielberg’s films always have plenty of Oscars, but “Fabelmans” would be a strong contender in the photography and directing categories (and a nod to Judd Hirsch, who makes a scene-stealing cameo as Mitzi’s uncle. may not). The film is sweeter, hairier, and more intimate than his other award-season juggernauts, and there’s no need to oversell it this early. , tried to downplay speculation that “Favellmans” served as the finale to all sorts of magnum opus.

“This is not because I’m retiring, this is my swan song,” he told Toronto.

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