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Drake Hits the Nightclub – The New York Times

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In the past, Drake has focused on rewiring hip-hop with melodies. However, his seventh solo studio album, “Honestly, Nevermind,” arrived as a surprise with an elaborate nine-and-a-half-minute video of the track “Falling Back,” an unexpected pivot to the dance floor. Drake has included such moments in his albums for a long time, but they rarely shaped the story. But now, for the first time, hard knock and uptempo productions are reshaping his sound.

Is this a logical turnaround for pop stars, who are usually creating pops from different component parts? Is it a reaction to the growth of drill music, the general gritty hip-hop subculture? Or do you accept the overflowing freedom of middle-aged middle-aged people?

In this week’s pop cast, we’ll talk about Drake’s evolution and production choices, listener expectations and how to toy the dance music subculture he’s experimenting with.

The guests:

  • New York Times pop music reporter Joe Coscarelli

  • Lawrence Burney, the arts and culture editor of The Baltimore Banner and the founder of True Laurels.

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