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Carly Rae Jepsen’s Brand-New Boy Problems, and 7 More New Songs

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boy problem? Carly Rae Jepsen got them in spades with “Beach House,” the cheeky earworm from her upcoming album, The Loneliest Time. Jepsen leverages his deadpan sense of humor when listing relationship-damaging red flags and contract-breakers from ‘Boy No. 1’ to ‘Boy No. I Can’t Keep Count Anymore’ . But amidst all the silliness (“I got a beach house in Malibu,” one prospect tells her, “and I’ll probably hurt your feelings”), the song effectively capitalizes on the romantic frustration of the never-ending “Groundhog Day.” Her first date and long-term singleness like: “I’ve been on this ride. This roller coaster is a carousel,” Jepsen said in her anguished pre-chorus, “And I’m going nowhere.” ’ sings.Lindsay Zoraz

The weird, melancholic opening salvo, “Staying Alive,” from DJ Khaled’s upcoming album, God Did, gives a casual nod to the Bee Gees on its way to a far less frenetic place. In this structure, staying alive is an act of defiance rather than fervor. Drake laments, “This life will allow me to get what I want/I don’t know what I want,” he says in the video, in a hospital with water. I play a doctor smoking a hookah and absent-mindedly signing off on a patient’s chart that might be necessary. Help achieve the song title.John Caramanica

As unimaginative as BTS’ English breakthrough hit “dynamite” Snoop Dogg has always rapped like a frown at this stage of his career, and it’s hard to believe he’s even sought after.Caramanica

Eclectic British pop group 1975’s latest single, ‘Happiness’, sounds both sophisticated and a little spontaneous. Dense, his ’80s-inspired creations shine, but there’s always plenty of air circulation to keep the atmosphere well-ventilated. Frontman Matty Healy, his uncharacteristically laid-back sound here, trades his usual arched, overly-referential lyrics for simpler sentiment. He sings an ecstatic chorus. The Samuel Bradley-directed video is a roar, finding the group robbing in a gorgeously lit environment with all sorts of ruches.Zoraz

A surprisingly sweet and nimble production from Newark rapper Bandmanrill that defines the through line between drill music, Jersey club and bass music.Caramanica

Fans of Panda Bear’s beloved 2007 album ‘Person Pitch’ will love the sunny collage-like ‘Edge of the Edge’ featured on ‘Reset’, a collaborative album between members of Animal Collective and Spacemen 3’s Sonic Boom. you will enjoy it. “Edge of the Edge” combines a playful sample of his 1963 hit “Dennis” by his doo-wop group Randy & the Rainbows with Panda’s gentle, melodious vocals, creating a carefree cuts through pop psychedelic vibes and adds light social critique. Don’t tell me it’s what you bargained for,’ he sings, waving his finger at tech’s frenzied escalation, saying, ‘Push a button and it goes on forever.’ Sounds satisfied out of.Zoraz

With the beautifully intertwined voices of Eric D. Johnson and Anais Mitchell, “Exile” is the opening track from folk trio Bonnie Wright Horseman’s forthcoming second album, Rolling Golden Holly. The song is a duet in its truest emotional sense, with Mitchell swooping in to end some of Johnson’s lines and, on the chorus, fulfill his solitary plea, “I don’t want to go into exile.” It offers warm and sparkling harmonies.Zoraz

Two of hip-hop’s loneliest howlers come together to meditate on the joylessness of fame.Caramanica

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