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What Judy Huth Said Happened at the Playboy Mansion

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Judy Hughes, now 64, and his friend Donna Samuelson testified that in 1975, when he was a teenager, Cosby invited him to the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. A park near their house where he was making the movie “Let’s Do It Again”.

According to them, he invited them to a tennis club a few days later and then took them to the house where he was staying, where they played a game where they had to drink beer every time they lost in billiards. .. Then he asked them to follow him to the Playboy Mansion in their car.

“Is your girl ready for your surprise?” Hughes said, he said. “I had no idea what that was,” Huth testified in court at trial.

During the trial, her lawyer showed the jury a picture of Mr. Hughes standing with Mr. Cosby in the game room of the mansion where he played arcade games and pinball, they said. It was taken by Mr. Samuelson, Mr. Hughes told her court 15 minutes ago, she said, Mr. Cosby molested her.

Mr. Cosby first put his hand on Mr. Samuelson’s shoulder, but she twisted herself, Mr. Samuelson said.

Hughes asked to use the bathroom, she said, and when she came out, Cosby was sitting on the bed in the next bedroom.

“He tapped the seat next to him,” she said. “I sat down. He tried to tilt me ​​back, he tried to kiss me, he tried to put his hand under my navel where my high waist pants were. “

To distract him, Mr. Hughes told Mr. Cosby that he was menstruating. But then she said, “He sweated, grabbed my hand, put it on his hand, closed it,” and forced her to have sexual intercourse.

Mr. Cosby denied that he had sexually assaulted Mr. Hughes, or any of the other women who appeared earlier in recent years to blame him for sexual misconduct. In a video testimony taken in 2015, Cosby denied her sexual contact with Hughes and said she couldn’t remember taking her to her Playboy Mansion without knowing her. ..

Cosby’s lawyer said his memory of when Hughes’ encounter happened changed. She initially said it happened in 1974, but when she was 15, she concluded that she was recently 16 in 1975.

Cosby’s lawyer claims she was actually an active visitor to the Playboy Mansion and didn’t run away after she described her as a tragic encounter with Cosby, rather staying in the mansion for hours. Said that he had swam. At the pool, order a cocktail and mix it with a celebrity.

“I enjoyed the boys Judy and Donna,” said Cosby’s lawyer Jennifer Bonjan, referring to Hughes and her friends.

Huth testified that she was angry afterwards and wanted to leave. Samuelson testified that he had persuaded Hus to calm down. She said that Mr. Hughes agreed because Mr. Samuelson was driving.

But despite their stay, Mr. Hughes said she was crazy about it. Then I just went through the movement and thought about what happened in the bedroom. Two friends said they agreed to leave the mansion at midnight and keep what happened secret.

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