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Trevor Noah Calls Out Rudy Giuliani for Being ‘Thirsty’

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“Yes, Rudy made so many unanswered calls that the iPhone started labeling him as spam.” — Trevor Noah

“Can you admit how much this has fallen? This guy has come to sound like a telemarketer selling coups to American heroes. [imitating Giuliani] “If you order now, throw the chair on which Abraham Lincoln sits.” — Trevor Noah

“And you know, this is another example of how historic President Trump really was. At any other time in US history, if the president’s lawyer calls someone. But when Trump’s vampire lawyer called people, everyone said, “Tell him I’m not here! Yeah, I went to the camp. Tell him he’s dead! ” — Trevor Noah

“Also, I’m not encouraging it because I’m not, but if you’re going to overturn the election, maybe don’t leave a voicemail? It’s a paper trail. , 2022 — Text! Who leaves the voicemail? Did you notice that you’re thirsty? “Hey, I’m again.” Come on, Rudy, a little late at night, “U up? To destroy democracy. N? Nath pictograms, red hat pictograms, vampire pictograms. Come on, Rudy, keep up with the times! ” — Trevor Noah

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