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The Safe Space That Became a Viral Nightmare

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But Gustafsson later said in a statement to university investigators that the university did not have the authority to remove content from non-university websites. She or someone at her ASU could have reached out to her Tekola group and asked them to remove the video, but as far as I can tell from the interviews and documents I reviewed, that never happened. . She or someone else could have talked about the history and purpose of the room Beckerman and Niles were in, perhaps to better understand. assured that the men were allowed into the room, agreed to exempt them from classes for the day, and said an investigation would be launched into what happened.

Beckerman came home later that afternoon, frustrated and exhausted, and began preparing for another night shift in the ER.He hadn’t slept for nearly 60 hours. An hour before,” he said.

A friend called from Georgia and then Virginia and said she recognized him from a video online. Mr. Beckerman boarded an ambulance in an ambulance, fearing that someone there would publish his address online, fearing that while on duty he would endanger not only his parents but also his sister and wife. I was.

“I was mentally destroyed,” he said. “I was in the middle of a panic attack.”

Tekola remembers tracking down some hateful posts on their group’s Instagram page, but didn’t give it much thought until a friend reached out to them. “They’re dragging you down quite a bit on Twitter,” the person said.

Tekola was identified online, and soon so was Qureshi. Their Instagram page was inundated with angry messages, and emails began piling up in their inboxes. Strangers were calling, texting, and posting online. “I have been attacked at all intersections: homophobia, racism, sexist threats, rape threats, fat shaming,” Tecora told me. “They sent us pictures of black people killed by the police, pictures of black bodies.” One email in particular bothered her Tekola. “You will be invited to a barbecue, not as a guest…let’s have a ‘picnic’ ourselves,” read, “Let’s spend some time learning about Southern white culture.” Below was a photograph of her 17-year-old Jesse Washington lynching in 1916.

By Friday morning, more than a million people had watched a two-minute excerpt from the video posted on Twitter. The clip ends with Beckerman angrily saying, “I work 60 hours a week and go to school. My parents don’t just give me money.” I saw. Beckermann quit his night shift and slept for an hour and a half. When he woke up, his mother had found a lawyer named Craig Morgan. “The Tucker Carlsons all over the world wanted to talk to Chase,” he said. “There were these political websites that were giving him laptops and money. I said, ‘Chase, I don’t think so’ and Chase said, ‘I want this to go away.'”

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