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The Netrebko Question – The New York Times

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Many have cut off ties with Putin’s close associates, especially the conductor Valery Gergiev, a longtime friend and prominent supporter of the Russian president. Gergiev, who heads the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, who fostered Netrebko’s career, has held many politically significant concerts, including concerts in remote Georgia and Palmyra, after being retaken by Syria. I’ve done it. And the Russian army.

But other Western institutions have been criticized for overkill after canceling performances by Russian artists who are not closely equated with politics, and even with some who have spoken against the aggression. ..

Today, many cultural organizations are faced with unpleasant questions. What should Netrebko do?

Her relationship with Putin is not as deep as Gergiev, but they are substantive, according to Russian and English news reports and reviews of the New York Times on public records.

Her name was on the list in favor of Putin’s elections in 2012, and she has spoken enthusiastically about him for many years, describing him as follows:Very attractive man“And praise his” strong, male energy. ” In 2017, she is preparing for Putin’s reelection Said “It was impossible for Russia to think of a better president,” the Russian national news agency said. She has occasionally supported his policy. She once circulated Putin’s statement on Instagram, along with a bent biceps emoji. In 2014, she donated to the opera house in Donetsk, a war-torn city in Ukraine dominated by Russian separatists. Taken with the Separatist flag..

Putin, in turn, has given Netrebko praise and awards for many years. She was invited to sing at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and other state celebrations.Last September, on her 50th birthday, he telegram Calling her the pride of Russia, she describes her as “an open, attractive and friendly person with an uplifting personality and a clear civil stance.” At a concert celebrating her birthday at the Kremlin Palace, Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov read Putin’s message from the stage.

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