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South Dakota AG convicted in impeachment trial over fatal crash response, removed from office

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Senator South Dakota convicted Attorney General Jason Lawnsborg on two charges in an impeachment trial on Tuesday, dismissing him and blocking his future appointment.

The impeachment arose from a 2020 car accident in which Republican Ravnsborg fatally struck a man in his car. On the night of the crash, he said on the 911 phone that he thought he had hit a deer and other big animals, and he was unaware that he had hit a person until the next day.

“It was definitely a lie,” said Republican Senator Lee Schoenbeck. “This person ran down the innocent South Dakota.”

Alexis Tracy, a lawyer in Clay County, who headed the prosecution team, said Lawnsborg “absolutely saw the man he attacked shortly thereafter.”

South Dakota AG lied about the fatal accident, the impeachment prosecutor’s allegations

The man was Joseph Bobber, 55 years old. Rohnsborg reached a settlement agreement with Bobber’s widow in September after threatening to file a proceeding. The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed.

Lornesborg has been charged with two misdemeanors of traffic after the accident, and he did not challenge both and fined $ 500 each. The State Senate has convicted him of committing the crimes and misconduct that caused someone’s death. Prosecutors accused Lawnsborg of using his position to “tune and gain influence” in the investigation and commit “misrepresentations and complete lies.”

South Dakota Attorney General Jason Lawnsborg will speak at a press conference outside the Supreme Court of Washington, DC, on Monday, September 9, 2019.
(Andrew Haller / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

South Dakota AG Impeachment Trial: What You Need to Know

Ross Garber, a lawyer and impeachment expert at Lone’s Borg, told the South Dakota Senate that dismissing the Attorney General would “revoke the will of voters.”

Governor Kristi Noem will elect a new Attorney General in November to replace Loansborg, who will serve until his inauguration.

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“After nearly two years, the dark clouds in the Attorney General’s office have been removed,” Nome tweeted Tuesday night. “Now is the time to move on and start regaining trust in the office.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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