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RNC names Milwaukee as 2024 GOP convention host city

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The Republican National Committee on Friday formally named Milwaukee as the host city for the Republican Party’s 2024 presidential nominating convention.

All 168 RNC committee members chose Milwaukee for the final session of the committee’s annual summer meeting in Chicago this year.

“We are very excited about Milwaukee,” RNC chairman Ronna McDaniel emphasized in an interview with Fox News Digital on the eve of the vote.

Milwaukee and Nashville, Tennessee were originally the last two cities on a long list of cities contested to host the 2024 Republican National Convention. But the Tennessee capital dropped out of contention on Tuesday night when his council at Nashville’s Metro ruled out a deal to host the convention.

Nashville votes against hosting 2024 Games, leaving Milwaukee as last city

Milwaukee officials present a mockup of the 2024 Republican presidential nominating convention. The Republican National Committee on Friday, August 5, 2022, will officially name Milwaukee as his 2024 host city.
(RNC/Milwaukee 2024 Host Committee)

Milwaukee approved a resolution in June, and two weeks ago, the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) Site Selection Committee, which oversees planning for the 2024 convention, recommended Milwaukee over Nashville.

The two national parties often hold presidential nominating conventions in highly competitive general election states. Tennessee is definitely a losing state in presidential elections, but Wisconsin is a key battleground.

“It’s a purple state,” McDaniel said of Wisconsin. “Exactly what we’re trying to get into the party are voters, and they’ve done a great job. Not only are we thrilled to elect a future president from Milwaukee as a Republican, It’s a great city and a great state.”

Officials from the Democratic National Committee continue to visit the city in hopes of hosting the Democratic Party’s 2024 presidential nominating convention. May announce its selection.

Democrats postpone decision on 2024 preliminary calendar change

April RNC Full Membership Unanimously The 2024 presidential nomination calendar remains unchanged, retaining the four early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

The DNC is in the process of flipping the nomination calendar as Iowa (and possibly New Hampshire) could lose a treasured leadoff spot. Republicans in both states are in a hotly contested showdown, using the move by the DNC as ammunition against Democrats seeking reelection this November.

The Iowa caucuses on display at the Iowa State Museum of History on January 15, 2020.

The Iowa caucuses on display at the Iowa State Museum of History on January 15, 2020.
(Fox News)

When asked if the DNC move could hurt Democrats in Iowa and New Hampshire, McDaniel told Fox News: We won the nominations in both of these states…we are very proud to keep the calendars the same.Knowing that the people of these states have just left their states I hope you will.

While the 2024 elections are on the agenda of the RNC meetings, the November midterm elections are on the minds of many.

Democrats face historic headwinds, and parties that have won control of the White House and Congress traditionally suffer heavy losses in the House and Senate in subsequent midterm elections. They also face a highly unfavorable political climate, fueled by record inflation and soaring crime, and epitomized by highly negative approval ratings for President Biden.

McDaniel said the members of the RNC committee are “very confident, very excited and even more so when you look at the candidates we have… from these primaries. Because we’re really coming together to get out and get ready to win in November.”

Democrats are spending millions this week targeting the GOP nominee over abortion

But pointing to the issue of gun violence, a conservative Supreme Court majority sought to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling following a string of high-profile shootings in recent months. An abortion was performed following the move. Abortion control issues back in the states. Democrats believe voters are energized to help defy current expectations by political prophets.

On August 1, 2022, signs for and against the Kansas Amendment to the Abortion will be displayed outside the Kansas 10 Highway in Lenexa, Kansas.

On August 1, 2022, signs for and against the Kansas Amendment to the Abortion will be displayed outside the Kansas 10 Highway in Lenexa, Kansas.
(Kyle Rivas/Getty Images)

Democrats were energized by Tuesday’s overwhelming victory in Kansas by activists who support the choice in the first ballot box test of legalized abortion since a blockbuster High Court ruling .


When asked about the Democrats’ full coverage in the courtroom to exploit the abortion issue in the midterm elections, McDaniel said, “Democrats are concerned about inflation, gas prices, milk powder still to be found, open borders.” , drug crisis, etc. I know they want this to be a big problem, but Americans are on a daily basis when they go to the grocery store, when they go to the gas station, when they go to the Democratic Party. We understand what policy is doing to their wallets, November issue number one.”

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