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Progressive rep calls on Harris to lead Dems to immigration reform, suggests Bush program

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During Biden’s presidency, and with the ongoing border crisis, one progressive congressman called on Vice President Harris to lead the reform effort, suggesting the Republican idea as a starting point.

The constant influx of immigrants entering the United States across the southern border has led to partisan strife as Republican governors send people to Democratic enclaves such as New York City, Washington, D.C. and Martha’s Vineyard. In an interview with Fox News’ America Reports on Monday, California Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna called for a solution that he thinks everyone should be able to support.

“I think we need a better solution when it comes to comprehensive immigration reform, so what I want to say to the vice president is help us get through comprehensive immigration reform,” Khanna said.

Harris, who was appointed to address the root causes of the immigration problem, recently claimed the border was “safe” and said the US has a “broken” immigration system that the Biden administration inherited from former President Donald Trump. claimed.

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Mr. Khanna turned to the former Republican president instead of Mr. Trump when it comes to how to deal with immigration.

“There’s a framework that President George W. Bush has done. He’s Governor of the Border States, and there was a proposal in the early 2000s. I hope we can do that,” Khanna suggested.

President Bush’s proposal was to allow temporary foreign guest workers to enter the United States, work legally, and then return home. Khanna said the House has already passed legislation allowing people to stay in the United States as foreign workers and then return home.

Two immigration buses arrive outside the Naval Observatory residence of Vice President Kamala Harris in DC

Congressman Ro Khanna discusses immigration reform in America Reports.

“It’s not even a path to citizenship. Why can’t we at least do something like that? Would that ease the tension?” he asked.

Khanna spoke to people in border areas, particularly ranchers, who are concerned about immigrants crossing the border and damaging their property.


“I sympathize with it. I understand it. It has to be fixed,” he said. “At the same time, a lot of these ranchers want people on board. So how can we fix this? It wasn’t, it was the Republican president, George W. Bush.

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