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Pennsylvania man found guilty after hiding in OnlyFans model’s attic, photographing her as she slept

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A Pennsylvania man charged with stalking a New Hampshire woman, including hiding in her attic for days and secretly recording her asleep, was found guilty Tuesday of multiple counts. rice field.

Mauricio Guerrero, now 19, was arrested in February 2022 on the roof of a woman’s home in Somersworth, New Hampshire, and was found guilty by a jury of burglary, trespassing and invasion of privacy.

Investigators determined Guerrero met the woman on social media, drove hundreds of miles from Pennsylvania to New Hampshire, and stayed at an Airbnb in Portsmouth.

Guerrero was accused of hiding in an attic for several days, photographing her in her sleep and attempting to attach a tracking device to her car.

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Mauricio Guerrero, now 19, was found guilty Tuesday of robbery, trespassing and invasion of privacy. (Summerworth Police Department)

WMUR-TV reports that Guerrero told jurors that he and the woman were in a relationship and that she “wanted to be stalked.”

The woman testified that after the man subscribed to her site, she began texting him. Adult site OnlyFans. She said she had sex once during an unannounced trip to New Hampshire but didn’t consider them in a relationship.

OnlyFans photo illustration

Mauricio Guerrero and the woman met in court after he subscribed to her site on the adult site OnlyFans, the woman testified in court. (David Bonaldo/SOPA Images/LightRocket, Getty Images)

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Prosecutors claimed the victim never invited the man to their home, and that the man kept food in the attic and only came down when no one was awake.

somerworth police car

Police in Somersworth, New Hampshire, arrested Guerrero in February 2022 after he was found on the roof of his home. (Somersworth Police Department)


Guerrero is out on bail pending sentencing, but is required to wear a surveillance device.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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