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Money tight? 15 great things you can get for free

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New arrivalYou can now listen to Fox News articles.

When it comes to technology, we always spend money on new things. Here’s a secret that these companies don’t want you to know: there’s a lot you can get without using dimes.

Save the photo. Are you using free space available from Apple, Google, or Amazon? Tap or click here for the best way to save your photos and videos to your phone..

When it comes to money, I’ve always heard from people who want to cut down on Netflix, Hulu, and other expensive streaming services. Below is a list of 15 sites where you can find movies that you can watch for free. Some services include ads, but you won’t encounter illegal downloads or malware.

Storage and movies aren’t the only things you can get for free. There are 15 giveaways that you can thank later.

1. Photo editing software

Photoshop is synonymous with photo editing, but software subscriptions are expensive. Here are some free ways to crop, brighten, and adjust your photos.

  • Canva: Canva: This user-friendly browser and app-based editing software is ideal for creating presentations, social media graphics, marketing materials, posters and much more.
  • Pixlr X: This tool runs in your browser. No download required. It has advanced features such as photo filters and drawing options, but it’s great with easy-to-use cropping and resizing tools.
  • GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program): This professional grade photo editor works just like Photoshop. Unlike Photoshop, GIMP is a free download.

Tap or click here for a detailed breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of each option..

Photoshop is also testing a free browser-based version of photo editing software. Currently, you need an Adobe account to access it. Tap or click here for more information and a direct link to try..

2. Video editing software

This is one of the things you don’t need until you do For real I need it. You may have needed to make a video of your wedding or reunion, or you may eventually want to launch a YouTube channel.

The most reliable video editing programs cost money for your arms and legs. Note what I said most. For free options, DaVinci Resolve is the best choice. Tap or click here to see how it’s easier to edit..

If you have a Mac or iPhone, you’ll be delighted to know that Apple iMovie is a surprisingly good video editor. Tap or click to see how to turn a clip or photo into a masterpiece in iMovie..

3. Word processing software

When it comes to productivity software, Microsoft Office is the gold standard. Of course, it’s expensive. I have been recommending LibreOffice for many years. This is an open source software suite that works much like Microsoft Office apps.

It also saves new files in Office format so you don’t have to worry about file conversion. Tap or click here for a step-by-step guide to download LibreOffice.

Are you already using Google Docs? Tap or click to see simple tricks that make it easy to start a new document..

The Google logo is displayed at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.

The Google logo is displayed at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.
(Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

4. Freeze credits

Freezing credits is free. If you’re asked to pay, you’re visiting the wrong site, clicking on dubious ads, or talking to a scammer.

The secret is to know where to freeze your credit. It’s not just one place. Tap or click to see what steps you need to take.. This page is worth bookmarking the next time you receive an alert that your personal information has been exposed due to a data breach.

5. Burner email address

I need a coupon code, but don’t I need the spam email that accompanies it? Use the burner’s email address.

You can use free disposable email services like 10 minutes email.. Creating a temporary email address for security is easy, so you don’t need to provide personal and work email addresses.

Do you use an iPhone? The email hiding feature is powerful and easy to use, no additional downloads required. Tap or click for an easy way to protect your inbox privacy..

6. Brush up your college Spanish

Duolingo Is a prestigious language learning app for good reason. Easy to use, attractive and surprisingly easy.

Duolingo offers 37 languages ​​including Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Latin, Korean, Scottish Gaelic, Ukrainian, Italian and Chinese. Are you having trouble keeping committing? Duolingo offers daily reminders to hold you accountable every day.

Tap or click here to download for iPhone.. Tap or click here to download for Android..

7. Ebook for summer vacation

Digital books can be summed, especially if you are a greedy reader. OpenLibrary.org Browse thousands of books to find your next favorite. Sign up, verify your email address, and you’re ready to go. You can start browsing in just a few minutes.

Tap or click here for more ways to get free ebooks..

Read a book on your tablet. You can get a free book to take your next vacation.

Read a book on your tablet. You can get a free book to take your next vacation.

Are you trying to get your side business or freelance career on track? I have a new eBook you should read to maximize your profits: “A guide to successful online freelance.. ”

8. Audiobook for listening to walks

Want to hear your reading list? Audiobooks can make chores such as garden work and cooking more interesting, and liven up long walks and expeditions.

Tap or click 8 ways to get free audiobooks.

9. Internet speed test

Free internet speed tests can help you determine if you are really getting the advertised rates.One of the most reliable free speed tests around Speedtest.net.. This site measures various statistics such as internet connection ping time, download speed, upload speed and so on.

If you like streaming video, try Netflix’s free internet speed test. Fast.com..

If you find that your internet speed is slower than expected, there are ways to improve it. Tap or click on tips to increase Wi-Fi speed..

10. Low cost or free internet

The emergency broadband award program offers broadband services up to $ 50 per month. To qualify, you must meet one of five criteria. One of them is less than 135% of the income. Federal Poverty Guidelines..

Tap or click for other ways to qualify for free internet and how to sign up..

12. Transportation materials

This is good news for small business owners who work from home. In fact, this giveaway is useful for those who don’t want to spend too much on email. Thanks to the USPS, you can get free envelopes and boxes.

Not just one or two. Get a pack of 50 Priority Mail Express packages for free. You can get a medium box, a shoe box, etc.

Tap or click to view the link directly and get free shipping consumables..

13. Update your passport photo

Don’t wait in long lines for someone to take your picture for your passport.However ePassportPhoto.com Follow a few steps to get the perfect photo. It’s that easy and the site will tell you exactly what to do.

File-US passport cover.

File-US passport cover.
(AP photo / Irene Putman)

14. Magazines to read on the beach

Do you have an Amazon Prime account? Free access to the rotation library of popular magazines for 30 days. Check them out here.. Prime Reading benefits are a great way to save money on high-value monthly subscriptions.

Titles include Wired, Popular Science, Reader’s Digest, and Taste of Home.

15. Weekend project ideas for you and your kids

If you or someone you know likes to sew, check it out FreeNeedle.. Includes step-by-step tutorials, sewing and crochet patterns, and helpful articles.

Instructables.com For those interested in crafts and woodworking, there is an excellent library of projects of all ages and skill levels. There is something for everyone. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Make 3D printed lamps
  • Make a college loft bed
  • Learn astrophotography
  • Build a spaceship-shaped chicken coop
  • Design a custom fighting game controller

16. Bonus giveaway

For over 20 years, I’ve helped countless millions of people use technology. As a free downloadable guide, we’ve put together hidden tricks and useful features not found in the user manual. Whether you’re using Windows or a Mac, you’ll need to learn a few things that you’ll use many times.

Here is a short list of things to learn with my free guide:

  • Search for tricks to quickly find files and programs
  • Keyboard shortcuts for productivity — and brag a little
  • Quickly edit photos without downloading additional programs
  • Messaging shortcuts to get the text correctly on your computer
  • Convenient free secure download for Windows and macOS

Tap or click here to request a free Windows and Mac guide now.

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