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‘Luck’ Review: Bad Day at the Fortune Factory

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Sam, the brave protagonist of the amiable family movie Luck, has had some terrible breaks in his life. She spent her childhood in a nursing home, and when her film begins, she is an adult without being adopted. Her flat tire and fallen shelf no longer put her in a phase, only when younger children like her friend Hazel were taken from her foster home for her adoption. ‘s unfair fortunes make Sam depressed. Hazel wants her lucky Penny to charm her first encounter with her family, and Sam is determined to help her.

Sam (voiced by Eva Nobrezada) finds a shiny penny after making eye contact with a black cat, but loses the penny before giving it to Hazel. She yells in her frustration at the cat who remained in the very spot where she found her penny.To her surprise, the cat expresses its own disappointment.

Sam follows a talking cat named Bob (voiced by Simon Pegg) down a portal to another world: the Land of Magical Fortune. Here fortunes are manufactured by a team of leprechauns, unicorns and dragons and carefully distributed in the human world. To find the new pennies, Sam and Bob must traverse this fortune factory together.

It’s a compelling concept for a film, and an original screenplay by Kiel Murray shuffles familiar tropes of luck into novel settings. It is full of fine detail. His hair falls down photorealistically and the toast looks lumpy enough to hold the jam. But images often fall into visual clichés. There is an excess of lucky greenery, and character designs often favor cute details like the pink scales that soften the dragon. The only misfortune is giving gifts in recycled wrapping.

good luck
G rated. Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes. Watch on Apple TV+.

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