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Iran’s ‘morality police’ accused of murdering woman for not properly wearing hijab, sparking protests

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The Islamic Republic of Iran’s morality police have been embroiled in a shocking case of brutality in the alleged murder of a 22-year-old woman who was arrested for failing to follow the theocratic state’s radical law requiring women to cover their hair. It is

The case of Marsha Amini, who died in Tehran on Friday, sparked widespread outrage among Iranian-Americans, who sought visas for Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to prevent President Biden from attending the United Nations General Assembly. asking you to refuse. next week.

“Masha was from my hometown of Saqez. She was a brave Kurdish girl. for refusing to obey the laws of slavery,” said Sardar Pashaei. The former head of Iran’s National Greco-Roman wrestling team told Fox News Digital.

“People are not just thinking of the few police officers responsible for Masha’s murder, they are thinking directly of Ali Khamenei. [Supreme Leader of Iran]Ebrahim Raishi, Mohammad Khatami [former president of Iran] As a partner in this crime. “

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He stressed that the Iranian people have accused the regime cleric he cited as being responsible for Amini’s murder. ”

Iran’s morality police arrested Marsha Amini in Tehran on Tuesday for not wearing a hijab (headscarf) properly and was beaten while riding in a police van, according to eyewitnesses. He fell ill and died on Friday.

Masha’s brother Kirash, who witnessed the seizure of his sister by a “morality patrol”, told news agency Iran Wire that he had gone to Tehran’s court to lodge a complaint.

“I will pursue it,” he said. “But you know how the system works,” he said, referring to allegations that Iran’s judiciary is corrupt, loyal only to the regime, and opaque.

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“We can’t let this end in silence,” said Kiarath. “I will tell everyone in Iran what happened.”

Iranian police have denied Amini was murdered, claiming the young woman had “sudden heart problems”.

Iranian President Raisi, the so-called “Butcher of Tehran,” has been sanctioned by the Trump administration for the mass murder of 5,000 Iranians in 1988 and another 1,500 in 2019.

Iranian-American foreign policy expert Lisa Dakhtali told Fox News Digital, “This is yet another horrific and unconscionable crime by the Islamic Republic and I have never heard of such a thing. No,’ he said. “This latest attack shows the regime’s audacity just days before Iranian President Raisi flew to New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly. [United Nations General Assembly].

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi addresses a press conference in Tehran, Iran, August 29, 2022.
(Iranian Presidential Office via AP)

“Instead of showing ‘good behavior’ in the light of all opposition to his visit to the United States, the administration continued to exert its power, brutally ending the life of an innocent 22-year-old. Headscarf.” ”

Video footage emerged Friday showing street protests against the Iranian regime over the reported killing of Amini. Demonstrators yelled “Down to the dictator”.

According to Iranian news Twitter handle @1500tasvir_en, “A group of women in Tehran took off their hijabs and blocked streets to protest the murder of Masha Amini by the Islamic Republic’s hijab police, chanting ‘ISIS, ISIS.'”

Robert Murray, the Biden administration’s special envoy to Iran, criticized Amini’s death as “appalling.”

“Last night, the floor where Martha (Gina) Amini’s room was evacuated, according to a hospital employee at Tehran’s Kasra Hospital, and several ‘medical experts’, whom none of the hospital staff have seen, were evacuated by agents. brought in by of the Revolutionary Guard,” Iranian-American researcher Banahshe Zand told Fox News Digital.

“The administration now claims that Masa suffered a heart attack while in custody, but it was clear to everyone that she suffered serious injuries from the beatings she received during her arrest, and they pulled her into a car. (as seen in the video).My question for modern women in the West is that liberation is for you, not for me.

Despite comments from Secretary of State Anthony Brinken on Monday that a new nuclear deal with Iran was unlikely in the near term given Iran’s latest reaction, critics of the Biden administration said the administration’s claims it is keen to secure a nuclear weapons deal with an Iranian regime that still renounces human rights. .

Mariam Memalsadegui, a fellow at the McDonald Laurier Institute, told Fox News Digital:

“The West, learning nothing from its failed stance on Putin, is trying to appease Ayatollah Khamenei’s Islamist cabal. It is a policy that does not only endanger the lives of Iranians. Biden’s short-sighted nuclear focus file has only emboldened the administration.”

Fox News Digital sent press questions to Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Permanent Mission to the United Nations.

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