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In College Sports, the Power Five May Become the Power Two

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As a result, improvisation has become a licensed sport in the conference room.

The Big 12 has moved to add schools such as Cincinnati and Central Florida. Much around ACC is the only Power 5 conference unaffected by this round of reorganization and hopes to evoke renegotiation of television contracts that will not expire until 2036.

The Pac-12 looks as brave as it can get together on the blind side. On Thursday, the league declared “very surprised and disappointed” -though conference officials had been worried about the possibility of a USC exit for years-and on Friday, it was “all expansion options.” To explore. “

“The 10 university presidents and prime ministers continue to work on their common mission of academic and athletic excellence on behalf of our student athletes,” the league said.

The remaining 10 schools are Arizona, Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, Oregon, Stanford, Utah, Washington, and Washington. However, some of them will be prizes in other leagues due to their position in the major media markets and the reputation of the movement. And in college sports, pledges of loyalty, whether from prospects, coaches, or colleges, are often not permanent, especially when big money promises or unrelated threats are involved.

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey did not explicitly dismiss the idea of ​​adding a school. In some respects, his two-sentence statement on Friday was read like an invitation to potential members.

“Conference membership changes have been constant in college athletics for years, and the modern problems facing college sports have only accelerated further reorganization,” he said. Said.

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