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Duke Riley: Grand Master Trash

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Riley is active in many media. Brooklyn’s exhibitions include movies, decorative installations, mosaics and illustrations, like a vast map of the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. Positive for gonorrhea.. He once took punk celebrity Henry Rollins there. Riding a turtle, His replica submarine, and spy on shrimp from the porthole window. “That’s the way I knew The canal is clean,“He was happy to say.

His mosaics offer one of the show’s greatest awesome things. Inspired by Sailor’s Valentine, a voyage souvenir traditionally made of seashells, Riley is huge and very beautiful. If you look closely, you’ll notice that a perfect, shiny shell is sandwiched between iridescent bottle caps. Cigar tipsMechanical pencils, bread bag clips, all harvested from New York streets and waterfronts.

He’s been dealing with what he’s found for a long time — he’s trashed at an art school — recently Riley’s coastline has been torn by more and smaller crap than ever before. “The focus on the environment has become more stringent,” he said. ..

“As artists, we’ll have to think differently about the materials we use,” he said a few days before the exhibition began. We were sitting in his studio at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. A pair of tofu and a female pigeon of Asta buzzed in a nearby cage. It is a clean space where garbage that has been properly packed and color-adjusted is piled up. The trailer outside was full of more gomi.

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