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Don’t fall for Geek Squad, PayPal scam alert

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Consumers and small business owners are targets of relentless scams with fraudulent invoices and customer service numbers posing as reputable companies such as PayPal and Geek Squad. The Better Business Bureau is calling for vigilance and vigilance against this ongoing threat.

How do Geek Squad and PayPal scams work?

The trick of this scam is that the victim receives an invoice from someone claiming to be Geek Squad. The bill informs victims that they will be charged hundreds of dollars for an annual subscription that will auto-renew soon.

The email will usually also contain a PDF of this “invoice” and a phone number to cancel the so-called subscription.

When the victim calls the number, the caller is a fraudulent “customer service agent” pretending to help with the cancellation.

Man and woman reacting to paper (Cybgerguy.com)

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In order to cancel the subscription or issue a refund to the victim, the fake customer service agent asks the victim to verify their banking information.

Once they gain access to bank accounts, scammers can withdraw money and disappear before victims can stop them.

Even if the victim did not call the number, if they clicked on the link in the email or opened the attached PDF, the scammers would use malware to infiltrate the device and retrieve the required information. You can steal.

Similar to this Geek Squad scam, there are also PayPal scams where similar emails about canceling subscriptions are sent and scammers demand money through PayPal.

A Geeks Squad subscription gives you access to the service

Geek Squad Subscription (Cybgerguy.com)

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How can I prevent this scam from happening to me?

Track all your subscriptions. If you receive a subscription notification but don’t remember subscribing to a particular service, it’s most likely a scam. Find out and call the company’s authorized customer service number to see if you have an account with that company. Alternatively, you can check the status of your subscription by logging on to the official website.

Know how to send an invoice: It is important to pay close attention to how you are billed when subscribing to a service. Make sure you understand how often you are billed and how much you will be billed each time. That way, when the bill arrives, you’ll know if it’s legal.

Beware of scare tactics. Scammers usually use threatening language to scare you into giving you money without a second thought. This is a strategy, and if you find urgent or rude language used, don’t be fooled.

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Pay electronically: Almost all subscriptions are now billed electronically and you can usually withdraw your money instantly by connecting your subscription directly to your bank account.

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I was deceived! what next?

Below are the next steps to take if you or your loved one is found to be a victim of identity theft.

If I could regain control of my accountplease change your password and notify your account provider

Check bank statements and checking account transactions See where the outlier activity started.

greek and paypal

Man checks credit card and mobile phone (Cybgerguy.com)

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Use anti-fraud services: Identity theft companies monitor your personal information, such as your home title, social security number (SSN), phone number, and email address, which is sold on the dark web or used to open accounts. You can issue a warning when It also helps freeze bank and credit card accounts to prevent further fraudulent use by criminals. One of the best things about using some services is that they may include identity theft insurance. Up to $1 million to cover losses and legal costs And the white-gloved fraud resolution team US-based case manager to help recover losses.

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Alert all three major credit bureaus Fraud warnings may appear on your credit report

Run your own background checks Or, if you find that your information was used by criminals, ask for a copy.

If you are a victim of identity theft, the most important thing is to take immediate action to mitigate the damage and prevent further damage.

Identity theft is rampant

How to protect yourself from identity theft (Cybgerguy.com)


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