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Bookmakers favor Asian or Black successor to Pope Francis

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If Pope Francis resigns, new speculation is expected as Catholic leaders have to fight a wheelchair-trapped knee illness and cancel their trip.

Luis Antonio Gokim Tagle is the Philippine Cardinal, who is currently the Prime Minister of the two-story evangelization department for evangelization, and is a favorite of his current bets on becoming the next Pope. Comes with odds of 5/1 to play a role. OLBG betting odds tracker. Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Kodwo Apia Turkson, Cardinal of Ghana and currently Prime Minister of the Pope’s Academy for Science and Social Sciences, has the following odds of 6/1 to become the next Pope. I come to.

Many observers of the Catholic Church believe that Francisco’s resignation is unlikely to happen, but tapping the Pope from outside Europe is a rare event. Born in Argentina, Pope Francis was the first non-European to play that role for over 1200 years. No pope was born in sub-Saharan Africa or East Asia yet.

The Pope also rarely resigned from the Holy See before his death, and Pope Benedict was the first to voluntarily resign during the more than 700 years he resigned in 2013.

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Left: Luis Antonio Gokim Tagle and Pope Francis. Right: Peter Kodwo Apia Turxon.

However, speculation is swirling about Francis becoming the second consecutive pope to resign voluntarily, and observers are concerned about his poor health and his ability to play a role in his future. It is pointed out as.

Francis surgically resected the left side of the colon in July last year due to an intestinal condition, but recently the condition of the knee has forced him to move around with the help of a cane or wheelchair. Nonetheless, people close to Francis have so far wiped out talk about the possibility of his resignation.

On his side, Francis is open about the reality of his decline in health.

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“When we get older, we can’t do the same thing as when we were young. The body has a different pace, and we have to listen to the body and accept its limits. “No,” the Pope said in a speech to his general audience earlier this month. “We all have them. I also have to use a cane now.”

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