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Biden’s handling of the economy put to the test; Americans weigh in

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People in New York and San Francisco rated whether President Biden handled the economy well.

“Terrible. I don’t want to comment on that,” Keith told Fox News in San Francisco. “I don’t know if Biden is even conscious sometimes.”

But San Francisco’s Susan thought economic problems were beyond Biden’s control.

“He’s doing what he can as an executive as president,” she said, giving Biden a B.

Speaking from San Francisco, Keith says President Biden has done a “horrible” job dealing with the economy.
(Fox News/John Michael Larsch)

Americans rate Biden following rise in national recognition ratings

People who spoke to Fox News from coastal cities gave Biden mixed ratings. .

“Everything is more expensive,” said one New Yorker, Giovanni. “You have to be blind to not see it.”

“From 1 to 10, I’ll give you [Biden] Two,” he continued.

Inflation rose 8.3% According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, August was down from a year ago, but some noted 9.1% inflation in Juneshowed the largest increase in 40 years.

“You know, you go to the market and spend $50 without buying anything,” Keith said. “You can’t believe it.”

“I can’t believe I’m doing it every day, every week, every month and just surviving,” added Keith.

The New Yorker's Michael blames Biden for economic troubles.

The New Yorker’s Michael blames Biden for economic troubles.
(Fox News)

The New Yorker’s Michael felt similarly, but declined to give Biden a rating.

“The economy is getting worse. My stock portfolio is down 70%,” he said.

“He doesn’t do his job, so I give him an ‘imperfect,'” Michael continued.

Dow Decreased by 1,200 points – Biggest drop since June 2020 – after last week’s inflation report.Furthermore, the economy Two consecutive quarters of declinea symbol often used to indicate depression.

Keith said he wants “a change in the House” in the midterm elections and “a big change in 2024.” Michael similarly said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis hopes he will be elected president in 2024.

Inflation soared during the Biden presidency. Meanwhile, the economy contracted for the second straight quarter.

Inflation soared during the Biden presidency. Meanwhile, the economy contracted for the second consecutive quarter.
(Ron Sachs/CNP/Bloomberg)

New poll reveals top contenders for 2024

Others agreed that the economy wasn’t doing well, but didn’t blame Biden.

“He’s trying to do what he can,” said one man who gave the president a “seven or eight.” “I know there will be a lot of backlash from his opposition, but that won’t change whoever comes to power.”

Steve said in New York:

Some said the economy was beyond the president’s control.

“I think it would be a mess for anyone there,” said John, a longtime San Francisco resident. “I don’t want to score that.”

John, who has lived in San Francisco for many years, said the economy was "shambles" Whoever was in the White House.

John, a longtime San Francisco resident, said the economy would be “disrupted” no matter who was in the White House.
(Fox News/John Michael Larsch)

FOX News Poll Majority Says Biden Administration Is Incompetent

“Biden is doing all he can, but he can’t control everything,” Susan said.

“He can’t control the Federal Reserve. He can’t control the market,” she continued.

Nonetheless, most Americans who spoke to Fox News said they faced difficulties because of the economy.

“Our wages never inflate to compensate for the rise in things around us,” Jackson said in New York. “It’s kind of hard for us to keep up.”

But there was also optimism about the economy.

San Francisco's Joe says economy has improved since Biden took office

San Francisco’s Joe says economy has improved since Biden took office
(Fox News/John Michael Larsch)


“As far as I know, the economy has picked up since he took power,” said Joe of San Francisco. “The confidence he brought and the stability he brought have helped our economy recover in many ways.”

He said the president cannot be held accountable for a good economy, but gave Biden an A-minus.

“By and large, I like the way things are going,” Max, who rated the president a B, said in San Francisco. “

Jon Michael Raasch reported from San Francisco and Teny Sahakian from New York City.

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