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Best free apps for creating short videos

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You may not be Steven Spielberg, but your friends and family might think so after taking advantage of one of these super-easy ways to make movies on your phone. What prompted me to write this article was a great question I recently received from Jeff, who lives in Lake, Florida.

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he asks:

hello cart

My wife is planning to make a short video (5-8 minutes), probably on YT or Rumble. She plans to use her own mobile phone (her Android system on MOTO G) to do this. My question is, what are the best free video apps to install?

thank you!

Lady Lake, Florida, Jeff

Jeff, thank you for taking the time to answer your valuable question. Both iPhone and Android have free video editing apps to help you edit and enhance your videos. You can install the app now. Let’s take a closer look at the top 4 to consider.


iPhone: 4.9 stars (at the time of publication)

Android: 4.8 stars (at the time of publication)

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InShot is a video editing app for mobile phones.

With InShot you can trim your videos, add music, effects, narration, add text, emojis, and more. Unique effects like glitches, noise, beats, retro DV, as well as tons of cinematic filters. InShot allows you to save videos in 4K, 60fps. You can also upgrade to InShot Premium to access more features and remove all watermarks and ads. At the time of publication, the InShot app had an iPhone star of 4.9 and an Android star of 4.8.

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kine master

Android: 4.1 stars (at the time of publication)

kine master logo

Kinemaster is a video editing app for Android.

If you’re using Android, consider editing in Kinemaster. KineMaster makes creating vlogs, slideshows, video collages, and green screen videos easier than ever. Moreover, a huge library of music, sound effects, stickers and video templates allows video editing enthusiasts to develop their video editing expertise quickly.

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It has tons of royalty-free assets and you can export your edits as a project and share it with your friends and followers for reuse. At the time of publication, the Kinemaster app was rated 4.1 stars.

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Adobe Premiere Rush

iPhone: 4.6 stars (At the time of publication)

Android: 4.0 stars (at the time of publication)

Video editing software photo.

Adobe Premiere Rush is a powerful editing tool for iPhone and Android smartphones.

With Adobe Premiere Rush’s built-in camera capabilities, you can capture professional-quality video directly from the app and start editing right away. Place video, audio, graphics and photos with drag and drop, and access built-in animated graphics such as titles and overlays.

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You can also upgrade to Rush Premium to get access to all features and content including advanced audio tools, premium content library and more. At the time of publication, the Adobe Premiere Rush app was rated 4.6 stars on iPhone and 4.0 stars on Android.

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iPhone: 3.9 stars (at the time of publication)

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iMovie screenshot

iMovie is one of the best editing apps for iPhone.

Although not an Android app, one of the best video editing apps for iPhone is iMovie. Just create a movie trailer, choose from 20 storyboards to help get started with popular types of videos, or select an album or group of videos or images and iMovie will create the titles, transitions, and music for you. Create videos with Easily transfer projects between iPhone and iPad using AirDrop or iCloud Drive, or send projects to your Mac via AirDrop or iCloud Drive to complete editing in iMovie or Final Cut Pro. At the time of publication, this product had him 3.9 stars.

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Consider using one of these free video editing apps to quickly and easily edit your videos so you can post them on your favorite social media sites or send them to your friends and family.


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