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Are Men in Dresses and Wigs Still Funny in Comedy?

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Loss “Chicago” has Mary Sunshine. It’s safe to say that the role of Mary Sunshine is definitely a serious issue. is jarring – it actually makes me cringe. I clap because his voice is beautiful. But it’s as if I’m reliving that moment and thinking it could happen to me today.

Morrison When we were at Playwrights, I had a wig on. In fact, the wig became a bigger point of contention than the dress. There was something about sex. So when we got to DC [at Woolly Mammoth Theater Company]People in the trans community were disappointed by that – something about wigs was a bridge too far.

Lee If you constantly see men in dresses seen as funny or seen as silly, it looks at people who are trans-feminine, trans-female, non-binary, gender-extending, or gender-nonconforming. directly related to that. Somehow they find it amusing or ridiculous that they are presenting or expressing themselves in this way, which leads directly to violence. It’s not very interesting to us because it directly affects the . I think this is a task our show failed to achieve. The lens through which “A Strange Loop” is told is very raw, very honest, very genuine, but also contains a lot of harm and dismissal to trans people and women inside. . lens. As an actress in my family, I can’t help but notice.

Loss If you take an American classic like “Chicago” and put black trans women front and center, people of color and my fans and audiences can see themselves and realize that they too have potential. If this is the direction they want, but it’s also forcing some people to limp towards a line of equality for all .

ghee I love when characters let me look at myself and fully appreciate who I am. The possibility of opening up really excites me.

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