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75 Pop and Jazz Albums, Shows and Festivals Coming This Fall

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cave town Bedroom pop singer-songwriter Robin Skinner has garnered a devoted online following for her sensitive songs about teenage life, featuring titles like “I Miss My Mum” and “I’ll Make Cereal.” I’m here. On his new release, Worm Food, ’90s pop his punk’s staunch angst and peppy hooks (one of his longing for his 1994 when Skinner wasn’t still alive) are replaced by subdued synths. pop and blended. He writes about the specific pain of new relationships. In another, he likens himself to a “wasabi ball”. It is a charming work depicting painful love. (November 4, Cave Music Limited)Blum

Billy Joel Billy Joel performed at the original Yankee Stadium, New York’s secular temple, for two nights in June 1990, before conquering Madison Square Garden with a monthly residency and playing his final concert at Shea Stadium. served as the headliner. And a newly expanded version of the concert film “Live at Yankee Stadium” documenting these mega-his gigs was released on Blu-ray, while the audio-his version was digitally released on CD and LP sets. increase. Hit Parade’s setlist (which included “My Life,” “Uptown Girl,” “New York State of Mind,” “Piano Man,” and the then number one, “Widint Start the Fire”) featured 30 Years Old. After all that, it’s very different from what Joel is playing at The Garden now. (November 4th; Columbia/Legacy) — Shamer

phoenix The French band even scored 2009’s hilarious indie-pop crossover hit ‘Listomania’ University AOCWith “Alpha Zulu”, the first LP in five years, dance is back in full swing. Celebrating Phoenix’s 25th anniversary as a group, the album is a meditation on loss, including producer Philipp Suder, who died in an accident in 2019 at the age of 52. Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig are also participating. (November 4th. Glassnote/Loyaute Music) — Cissario

Julie Benko & Jason Yeager Anyone who’s seen the backstage drama of Broadway’s “Funny Girl” knows the bright-eyed, lusciously-voiced soprano of standby-turned-star Julie Benko after Beanie Feldstein left. On November 7, Benko and her husband, jazz pianist Jason Yeager, mixed her tunes and standards to Janice’s Joplin’s “Mercedes Benz” and Yeager’s original tunes at 54 Below New Her. Plays selections from the album “Hand in Hand”. Other artists scheduled to visit ‘Broadway’s Living Room’ include unsinkable teenager Marilyn May (October 12-15, October 18-22) and stage and film veteran Leslie Uggams ( November 10-12), and the latest gems. Vanessa Williams (December 13-18), the club’s “Diamond Her Series,” will be followed by timeless classic Patti LuPone (December 20-30). Fans of one Sara Bareille musical can look forward to “Sugar, Butter, Reunited: Celebrating Mr. and Mrs. Jenna from ‘Waitress'” on October 9th. Performed at the concert on October 11th. — Gardner

Patricia Brennan The world of jazz can sometimes get stuck in a battle between head and heart, but that dichotomy is almost completely sidestepped by Patricia Brennan, a vibraphonist, marimba player and effects master born in Veracruz, Mexico. It’s rare to find an improviser like him. Her music seems to exist in a realm outside the body, but it is full of emotion. ‘More Touch’ is the sequel to Brennan’s enchanting debut solo LP ‘Maquishti’, featuring the advanced music of drummer Marcus her Gilmour, percussionist Mauricio her Herrera and bassist Kim her Kath. Introducing a new quartet of rhythmic thinkers. They veer between dreamy swings, bobbing her boleros, Brennan’s hometown afros her Caribbean rhythms, and free time. (11/11 pyroclastic flow) — Rusonero

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